Right, I want to talk about pensions. The thing about pensions is… OI, WAKE UP AT THE BACK! You see, this is the problem. Pensions are pretty boring, aren’t they? Plus, they’re bloody complicated, rarely in the media spotlight for a positive reason and, besides, it’s ages until you need to worry about yours. Isn’t […]

I’ve been a dad for more than seven years now. Prior to that, I’ve a hazy recollection of having an assortment of things I now seem to have mislaid, chiefly: a social life, hair, lie-ins and patches of carpet in the house that didn’t have a discarded Hot Wheels vehicle ready to draw blood from […]

When I was a kid playing Sunday league junior football, our team had a madcap coach who genuinely believed he was Shankly, Ferguson and Clough all rolled into one. He’d work us to the point of exhaustion during Saturday morning training sessions, whilst gleefully recounting the three famous occasions on which he allegedly turned out […]

One of the beauties of Twitter is finding and connecting with people with whom you’re often in the same boat. Slumped on the sofa at 5.30am of a Saturday, with all hope of a lie-in after a hard week’s graft cruelly dashed, it’s always comforting to scan through the 140-character missives of fellow bleary-eyed parents […]

Ah, the humble press release. From nine years as a journo receiving them to another seven as a comms officer writing them, I’ve rarely been far from those carefully-crafted, re-crafted, re-re-crafted and tortuously-approved bits of purple prose. In my newspaper days, I’ll admit, they could occasionally be a god-send when a space needed filling at […]

Kids – don’t ya just love ‘em? Granted, there’s the sleepless nights, the obliteration of your social life, the exchanging of your beloved coupe for a people carrier, the crippling expense that comes with clothes, shoes, toys, school dinners… … but every now and then you’re reminded that being a parent is actually the greatest […]

Amid warnings of financial meltdown, deep civil unrest and essential services going by the wayside, 2013 should be an interesting year for local government, to say the least. For those of us whose role it is to communicate during these turbulent times of change, the challenges will be many and varied. From my point of […]


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